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Quality Furniture and Upholstery Supplies Since 1957

In order to maintain our low prices Ansaldi & Sons does not have a store front.
All sales are by internet or phone order only.



We offer all products on this site direct to businesses and individuals.

Upholstery Supplies, Upholstery tools, Upholstery Button Machines and Button Dies.
Wooden Corbels, Unfinished Corbels, Caning Tools, Caning Supplies, Basketry Supplies, Fiber Rush and Genuine Rush, Shaker Tape.
Reproduction Furniture Hardware,  Antique Hardware,  We Carry a large selection of Faneuil Furniture Hardware. Wooden Furniture Legs. Queen Anne Legs, Lawson Legs and Bun Legs. Fiber and Leather replacement Seats.
for Do-It-Yourselfers!

  We Have a Large selection Of Osborne Tools used in the Upholstery Trade.  Magnetic Hammers, Pliers, Upholstery Ripping Tools. Staple Removers, Tack Pullers, Webbing and Webbing Stretchers, Upholstery Shears, Coil Springs and Zig Zag Springs .  Staple Guns and Staples. We carry Bea Air Staple Guns and Fasco Air Staple Guns.

We Ship all products anywhere in the United States. For orders outside the USA please contact us for Shipping and Handling.


Breuer Chair With Cane Seat and Cane Back

Breuer Chair Frame Seat and Back's all of High quality material. Our Breuer Seats and Breuer Backs are Imported from Italy. The Breuer wooden frames are expertly finished and are available in three shades, Natural, Black or Walnut (dark brown). All Breuer Seats and Breuer Backs have Natural shade cane installed.

Now Available in Clear Acrylic.


We specialize in top quality Breuer replacement parts.

Breuer Seat Backs

In order to maintain our low prices Ansaldi & Sons does not have a store front.
All sales are by internet or phone order only.

Please call us if you have any question.
No Returns Accepted after 7 Days.
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